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Philips Long-life TL 11 Watt UV-C lamp. Philips TUV 11W G11 T5. L 22,7cm ø 1cm. JBL Aquariumbeleuchtung Ersatzlampen. Wenn wir ungeschützt zulange in der Sonne liegen, bekommen wir durch die. OASE. Philips PL Lampe 11 Watt UV-C Ersatzlampe Länge: 236mm Version 2013. 4,4 von 5 Sternen 8. 15,39 .... Available Classic Lamp Parts: (Choose an option from drop-down menu) (PN: A20008) Classic Lamp, 8 Watt, 11-1/2" (PN: A20015) Classic Lamp, 15 Watt,. UV Germicidal Lamps 2G11,G23,2G7,GX23 base 5W,7W,9W,11W,13W,18W,24W,36W,40W,55W Quartz materail,Compact lamps OZONE FREE OZONE base face to face Watts Current(mA) Uv output base. We use the UV-C light to fight against powdery mildew in our plantation. Tests have shown that powdery mildew is killed when given a dose of 1720 µW of UV-C per square cm. For exemple if I took a 100 Watt UV-C lamp and positioned it two centimetres away from the mildew, I would need to switch on the UV-C lamp for just 1/10 of a second to kill it.

Lieferumfang: 1x. Ungetrübtes Teichvergnügen mit den hochwertigen. Philips. UV-C Lampe 11 Watt. Die maximale Durchlaufmenge sollte bei 9+11 Watt Lampen ca. 5-6 m3pro Stunde und bei 18+36 Watt Lampen ca. 6-10 m3 pro Stunde nicht übersteigen. Je nach Pumpengröße ist die UV-Lampe in Serie oder bei größe- ren Pumpen im Bypasssystem zu betreiben. Der maximale Betriebsdruck darf nicht mehr als 1,5 bar betragen. The shortwave UV is a 11 watt high output bulb with a specifically tuned German UV reflector to maximize shotwave UV output through the external optical filter glass. The filters blocks out visible light generated by the bulb or LED. And on the side of the lamp fixture is a 8mm white light LED to help with hunting fluroescent minerals at night.. Hochwertige. Damit ist eine 35-.

07.06.2020. Teichklärer Liona. Osaga. Produktinformationen "LR Compact. Arcadia 11 Watt UVC lamp. Posted by Colin on 5th Sep 2019 I spent ages trying to source this lamp before I came across the PondSuperstores site which was very clear and I was able to identify the correct lamp easily. Lamp is exactly as described and service from Pondsuperstores was excellent. LIGHT SPECTRUM ENTERPRISES INC 1300 Industrial Blvd STE B3 Southampton, PA 18966 Tel# 888.975.BULB (2852) Fax# 888.516.7608 [email protected] UV. UVC.

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